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Culture Life
Culture Life

        An outstanding enterprise is certain to own excellent culture for only through this talent can be retained and success can be made. Kangping see talents as the most significant resources for enterprise development, and the responsibility of an enterprise is not only to produce products, but also to serve the society and cultivate staff. Yourmin¡¯s enterprise culture is to form an excellent, united, innovative and practical team. 
¡¡¡¡As a pursuit of sound state, Kangping¡¯s corporate culture is to unite all the staff together, condense all the strength to improve individual quality and promote development of the enterprise.

    Facing a new century, Yourmin people will adhere to a brand new concept of ¡°every one is a talent who can create value for the enterprise,¡± endeavor to operate and improve comprehensive quality of themselves, cultivate and dig out talent inside the company and introduce elites form other enterprises, to improve overall quality of the group and comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.     
    Yourmin Precision Hardware  Factory ¡ªTo accumulate century¡¯s essence to create an internationally famous enterprise!